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Milestones of 1st Time Experiences as a Designer

My 1st experience being inspired by analyst reports – ‘19
For 3 consecutive years I experienced the pressures from sustaining the analysts’ top ranking in delivering a product that was mission critical for large enterprises releasing their software. This period deepened my understanding of product management strategy and excellence in software engineering leadership.
Director of Design & Team manager

My 1st experience with an analyst influencing my work – ‘16
3 years into designing an enterprise solution for automating application deployment, my relationship to my work was transformed from our product being acknowledged as a leader in our industry by an authoritative voice. This was the first time I felt such appreciation for being part of a team and organization that was achieving its ambitious goals.
Product Design Leader

My 1st experience in a startup acquisition – ‘10
I was hired to a fast-paced startup to help design their cloud-based social collaboration platform that was spearheading a new category in enterprise software. When it was acquired by SuccessFactors, I learned the significance of company culture, and evolving team dynamics.
Lead UI Designer

My 1st enterprise software product and design award – ’06
I joined an angel funded startup aiming to offer software for selling commercial real estate faster. I designed the product’s user experience and branding. The working prototype of a mobile and desktop SaaS application resulted in an invitation to London to receive the MEX mobile experience design award.
Lead UX designer

My 1st gaming console launch and team hiring – ’99
I was brought on as Creative Director to lead the design of the console’s Web browser experience for gamers to navigate content on the Sega Dreamcast Network. I also produced the Dreamcast promotional video for the E3 trade event, announcing the new paradigm of connectivity.
Creative Director & Team Manager

My 1st design role focused on web design – ’98
I joined a Silicon Valley boutique marketing firm that specialized in designing websites, microsites and intranets to promote new products and events for divisions at Mitsubishi Electric.
Web Designer & Art Direction

My 1st design work in the US – ’98
After moving from Switzerland to the Bay Area, I joined an After Effects user group in San Francisco. One evening I showed my reel, and the following week I was hired by CKS Pictures to design animated transitions for a kiosk that explained the advanced manufacturing methods at Applied Materials.
Contract Motion Graphics Designer 

My 1st game for a French car manufacturer – ’98
I designed the game interface with 3D modeling and animation that was played on a touch-screen kiosk by visitors attending the Geneva International Motor Show. This was an attraction to engage people coming to the booth of the French car-maker, Citroen.
Art Director & UI Designer

My 1st visible web design – Official site for the City of Geneva – ’97
Even though the Word Wide Web was publicly announced almost half a decade earlier at CERN 25 miles from Geneva, its adoption was overall slow in Switzerland. Nevertheless, I had the honor of being entrusted to design the first website for the City of Geneva. At the time, generating online content within conservative institutions was not a well defined discipline.
Web Designer

My 1st presentation to heads of industry – The Olympic Museum – ’96
I was invited amongst top interactive media producers to present the real-time creation of 3D content to heads of the advertising industry. This was hosted at an auditorium in the Olympic Museum to promote the possibilities for virtual tours.

My 1st national ad campaign – Evian Women’s Golf Championship – ’96
I designed the winning concept in a competition between agencies that were vying for the national advertising campaign of the Evian women’s golf championship. This was unprecedented and disruptive to incumbent agencies in France.
Freelance Graphic Designer

My 1st Interactive product – Basel World Watch & Clock Fair – ’95
The PR firm Darwel Communications contracted me to design the Baselword‘s first touch-screen kiosk welcoming visitors to discover the top watcher makers and their new collections. This was my first collaboration with a software developer and project manager.
Contract Interactive Designer, UI & VD

My 1st print work for an international institution – IMD – ’94
A consultant at CERN commissioned me to design the branding and brochure for an executive management and manufacturing training program conducted through the International Institute for Management Development.
Freelance Graphic Designer

My 1st drawings for an international corporation – Dupont – ‘92
A department head commissioned me to draw rendered caricature portraits from photos secretly provided to me of retiring executives who were to receive my artwork as a departing gift.
Freelance Illustrator

My 1st animation Film – Sold to Swiss Television – TSR – ‘89
During the last 2 years of the Fine Arts program, I wrote, produced, and directed a claymation short film. Right after graduating, I sold the film to Télévision Suisse Romande‘s programming for children.
Aspiring Animator