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Each product is a journey during which you collaborate to find a clear destination.

I lead design to help businesses serve better and sell more.The best moments come from accomplishing this with inspired teams.

I’ve lived in 4 countries, with my career starting in Switzerland, and continuing in California, in and around Silicon Valley.

I have worked with product and engineering teams in Ukraine, Brazil and Vietnam. These experiences led me to appreciate how different cultures approach problem-solving from different vantage points and values.

It fascinates me how design affects the entire experience of a product – Finding out about it, trying it, buying it, using it, and in the end all that counts is whether it’s adopted.

Where is design taking us? There is a plausible narrative from observing milestones in technology and evolving collaborative practices.

Published Articles

The Automation of Design
“Anything that can be automated, will be automated”. (…) I’ve ventured to wonder, could automation do what I do? Can I design my own obsolescence? UX design informed by business intelligence is not beyond AI and automation’s reach.

Deming and the Foundations of Continuous Software Design
“Design begins with dialogue” and Deming stated that quality increases through the trust we develop in our team relationships. (…) “…the climate of an organization influences an individual’s contribution far more than the individual himself”.

The Birth of Continuous Design
Better tech wins, but only when its design is better. A faster pace of development requires re-imagining how teams collaborate, which implies how they communicate. If software delivery is to become continuous, then its design must become continuous as well.

I started The Continuous Design Project as an evolving digital playground where I share short origin stories, collect useful articles, and develop thoughts.

20-year Summary

  • I started as a comic strip artist, then illustrator, and onto graphic designer.
  • I explored interactivity and motion design, and a fire in me was ignited.
  • I have designed for print, branding, marketing, media, interactive, UI, UX, and product.
  • I have shipped products for gaming, social mobile, and web applications for enterprise domains.
  • I have worked in small agencies, and primarily funded startups with 2 acquisitions.
  • I have held roles as 1st, Sr., Principal, Manager, Director, and Head of Design.
  • I have led design on cross-functional teams through all stages of software development.
  • I have a curiosity to discover new frontiers in AI.

Let’s connect. Talk to me on Slack.