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Hi, I’m Kai from the Bay Area. I lead product design with a passion for innovation and teamwork.

User Research

How we embedded
customer input into
the UX design process

Consumerize Enterprise UX

How we made
creating automations

Core Function UI redesign

How we adapted
to what prospects

20-year Summary

  • I started as a comic strip artist, then illustrator, and onto graphic designer.
  • I explored interactivity and motion design, and a fire in me was ignited.
  • I have designed for print, branding, marketing, media, interactive, UI, UX, and product.
  • I have shipped products for gaming, social mobile, and web applications for enterprise domains.
  • I have worked in small agencies, and primarily funded startups with 2 acquisitions.
  • I have held roles as 1st, Sr., Principal, Manager, Director, and Head of Design.
  • I have led design on cross-functional teams through all stages of software development.
  • I have a curiosity to discover new frontiers in AI.

Design Philosophy & Process

From Design Thinking and empathy in Human-Centered Design, to applying methods of Lean Product Design, and Agile development… Before these approaches, there is an aspiration. In a time of speed and change, I say “Design with wisdom”. Here’s why…

Design Insights

For personal improvement, I keep a retrospective of collaborations with product management, engineering, marketing, and sales to distill them into lessons of success and failure.